Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How a Tornado Forms

In room 9 we have been learning how to create a piece of explanation writing. These need to explain how or why something happens. We have made a book of our texts that explain how a spider forms their web - come in and have a read! In the meantime, here is an example of another explanation.

How a Tornado Forms

A tornado is made out of wind. It can go really fast. When the ground is really warm the sun turns in to a cloud then it rains and makes thunder storm. After that turns to a tornado. The wind goes upwards. The wind speed is so fast. The wind starts to go faster and faster. It can spin faster like spiral. So tornados can be dangerous and cause a lot of damage but luckily they don't destroy New Zealand.

By Krishal

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Special Persons Morning

On Wednesday 6 July we had a special persons morning. We got to go to every class room in the pod. In room 9 we did stuff on the computer like:

Then we went to room 10. In room 10 we did science. We tried sherbet and saw what we need to make sherbet and we hit two gun balls together really hardly and smelt the smell of it. Then we made a tornado with water in two one liter bottles and shook them really hard and it made a tornado. We were amazed! Then we did the ballon rocket. The ballon rocket glides on the nylon because we did not tie up the ballon. Then we had a plastic see-through straw we had to hold the straw with our thumb so we could get the colours up the straw and we tried to make it all colourful.

Then we went to room 11. In room 11 we did math games. Maija and Josiah went up to play swat-a-fact. That is when someone calls out a number and then the players swat it. Whoever swats the number first is the winner. Then we played traffic lights. That is when we write hundreds, thousands, ten and ones. The people guess what the number is and place place does it go in.

Then at last we went to room 12. In room 12 we did imagination play. We saw lots of people having lots of fun. There were board games, dress ups, beads, blocks, old phones and bags.

At the end we said goodbye to our special people and then the special people left.

By Maija and Serena